The story of Hagar and Sarah has deep meaning to me and demonstrates the endless love and mercy of our Father God.  He has called us to be Sarah and to live as daughters and sons of the free woman and to no longer live as sons and daughters of Hagar, the slave woman.  I  feel called to write out the heart of God, to encourage and come alongside those called to walk alongside of those still in bondage.  Walking out the full freedom and inheritance we have received in Christ is not easy but it is possible.  We do not often realize our need to push into full freedom...we so often settle for a form of freedom unwilling and unknowingly continuing to walk in patterns and paths of slavery. Learning to walk fully in our inheritance as daughters and sons of Sarah is why I write. Galatians 4:31


A marker of living and modeling freedom in Christ is entering and setting our minds on rest.  The enemy takes many things; and nothing, in my opinion, is more crucial than REST.  We are promised rest.  We are exhorted to rest.  We have to be taught to rest.  Restoration, healing, discernment, wisdom, peace of mind and body, wholeness, strength and purpose are all found in rest. 

Without rest there is no freedom.  Without rest there is no joy.  Without rest there is no entering fully into the promise. 

The young women I have lived with and loved and those I am walking with now have been taught to fight against rest, against quieting their heart and mind to feel, to listen, to know, to yield. 

They run...they argue...they fight... 

Isaiah 30:15  (CJB)

15 For this is what Adonai Elohim,
the Holy One of Isra’el, says:
Returning and resting is what will save you;
calmness and confidence will make you strong
but you want none of this!


Am I any different?  I run, I argue, I fight...eyes fixed so often on the incomplete, the unfulfilled, the seemingly impossible.  I am asked to return and walk in calmness and confidence to model this within my home, my work and my relationships.  

May we choose to enter His rest, set our minds to rest, and deny ourselves anxious thoughts, striving, and the tyranny of the urgent.  May we be willing to model and live trusting Jesus.  May we by our example show the way to the dear ones running so far from freedom, from peace of heart and mind, from the place of hope and healing.


Exodus 33:13-15 (CJB)

13 Now, please, if it is really the case that I have found favor in your sight, show me your ways; so that I will understand you and continue finding favor in your sight. Moreover, keep on seeing this nation as your people.” 14 He answered, “Set your mind at rest — my presence will go with you, after all.” 15 Moshe replied, “If your presence doesn’t go with us, don’t make us go on from here.