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You are the ones who have stayed with me throughout my trials.

Just as my Father gave me the right to rule, so I give you an appointment,

namely, to eat and drink at my table in my Kingdom and to sit on thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel.

Luke 22:28-30 CJB

"For I tell you this: the passage from the Tanakh that says, He was counted with transgressors, has to be fulfilled in me; since what is happening to me has a purpose."

Luke 22:37 CJB


verb (used with object)

verb (used without object)

to undergo the activities involved in hiring or firing personnel:The recruits expected to process in four days.

The words appointment and purpose jumped out at me as I read Luke 22.  Jesus in preparation for the changes and challenges facing his followers set an appointment when they would meet again and see the ultimate purpose of the trials ahead. Jesus was exemplifying yielding to a process, that has a purpose leading to an ultimate appointment in His Kingdom.  Process is a word we do not often care to hear.  I have found myself in a renewal process after a long season of operating in crisis and hyper vigilance.  It is not dissimilar to the process that we have lived out over many years with those living with us.  This experience of yielding to authority, finding a healthy, healing rhythmn of life, and practicing new responses when faced with the unseen obstacles of abuse, trauma, hyper arousal, conflict, ...   

Over the years I have observed most of the women we have walked with bucking at this and sabotaging their success because of the monotony, constancy and misunderstanding of the process and purpose of being changed, pruned, and living out a new life.  Just as glass is put in the fire, tools are used to form and recreate what once was merely grains of sand into beautiful, delicate, reflective objects for practical use and for admiration so is the process of being made new in Christ.  The question is "Am I willing to walk through this same process in my life?  Am I willing to do what I have counseled and taught others?  Am I aware that Jesus has given me an appointment and what I am yeilding to has a purpose?"

May you be willing to yield to the process!  May you be encouraged that you have an appointment in His Kingdom!

May the Holy Spirit reveal to you the purpose!