Before Dawn

Exodus 14:24 (CJB)

24 Just before dawnAdonai looked out on the Egyptian army through the column of fire and cloud and threw them into a panic.

Psalm 30:6 (CJB)

(5) For his anger is momentary,
but his favor lasts a lifetime.
Tears may linger for the night,
but with dawn come cries of joy.

2 Peter 1:19 (CJB)

19 Yes, we have the prophetic Word made very certain. You will do well to pay attention to it as to a light shining in a dark, murky place, until the Day dawns and the Morning Star rises in your hearts.


Just before dawn is said to be the darkest time of the day and in this sense is used to describe the hardest season or moment when walking through an ongoing struggle, waiting for breakthrough or holding out in faith.  Just before dawn comes the momentary sense that just maybe the day will not come.  It is in this season, this moment that hope seems lost and that  perhaps the fight was all for nothing.  How many times have I come to this moment and yielded to fear, turned back or stopped listening for the leading of the Holy Spirit?

Over the years I have walked with many young women and found "just before dawn" to be an overwhelming and daunting place to walk alongside of them.  How many times have I heard someone say "it is just too hard" just before seeing a success and refusing to move forward?  How many times have I heard someone say "it is too painful and hurts too much" just before they experience the hope of forgiveness and choose to continue in broken relationship?  How many times have I heard someone say " I just can't wait" just before the next step is in place and choose to walk away?  Understanding the reality of the struggle of  "just before dawn" is perhaps the most vital to keep moving forward and remain faitihful to enter the battle again and again.  In my passion for Jesus and seeing others know and experience His love I too can yield to the thought "why bother", "no one wants what I have to offer",  "no one will press through with me", ..."I cannot wait".

How many times have I missed Adonai at work "just before dawn"?  How many times have I given into despair instead of the joy that comes in the morning? 

How many times have I stopped listening for the leading of His Spirit?

May you see Adonai at work on your behalf "just before dawn"!  May you experience the joy that comes in the morning! 

May you remain attentive to the revleation of the Holy Spirit as He brings to light the Morning Star in your heart!