He Must Increase

John 3:30

He must become more important, while I become less important.


In every area of my life I seem to find something to make more important than Jesus...the unfinished project around the house, the unfinished conversation at work, the need to be right, my appearance, my failings, my weakness, my eating, my drinking, my being clothed...

Every day I go into a home to walk alongside of young women from very broken and hurt places; where they were used to meet the needs of others making them less important and where they learned the lessons of mistrust, selfish behavior and a me centered perspective.  Each day I have to put aside the unfinished, the imperfect, the need to be heard and to  be right,...to hear them, to give place for their voice, to live out "becoming less important" to make room for the voice of the Lord.  To emulate loving and living as Jesus...

There is a delicate balance when learning how to live this way and practice "self care"...In reality the more important He becomes...the paths He leads me on will meet my needs and lead me into continual, quiet fellowship with His Spirit that will strengthen, settle and work to perfect me in the fruit of His Spirit.  I do not have to fear crossing boundaries that will destroy my mind and heart because as He increases and I decrease the full armour is activated.  My mind is guarded by His salavation (I no longer have to work to be right), I can cancel out lies with His truth ( I do not have to accept being driven by anxiety, fear and worry), I can go into the heart of the matter with His word ( I will have the words in all situations for the women, the staff, my family), I am protected behind faith in His ability to protect me (I do not have to be confident in myself, only in the Lord Jesus), Ephesians 6:10-18....I have access to, and can learn to use the full armor I have been given as I place more importance on being a daughter of the King than any earthly role I am in.


May we know that we are sons and daughters who are no longer bound by limits and defining factors placed on us by others!we walk as those who are loved and valued and able to serve without fear of being destroyed!  May we put more value into seeing Him increase trusting that our need will be met! 


Matthew 6:32-34  (CEV)

32 Only people who don’t know God are always worrying about such things. Your Father in heaven knows that you need all of these. 33 But more than anything else, put God’s work first and do what he wants. Then the other things will be yours as well.

34 Don’t worry about tomorrow. It will take care of itself. You have enough to worry about today.