House of His Creation- The maternity program offered through Family of Restoration Ministries (FoRM) is the foundational ministry from which FoRM has grown.

Our story began in 1972 with Jimmy and Anne Pierson in their private home in Washington D.C. Called by the Lord to minister to and care for unmarried, pregnant young women.

1973 - Jimmy and Anne purchased a property in Coatesville, Pa and moved their family in. It was purchased as an apartment building with six apartments. As the tenants moved out, they removed the apartments gradually to make it a single-family home. During this process, Jimmy and Anne continued to house more and more young women, reaching a maximum of 17. Even at this point, calls came in from clients needing housing. This was the first Maternity Home in the nation to use a family model (with Houseparents rather than rotating staff).

1977 - House of His Creation, Inc. purchased a home in Lititz, Pa and opened it as a Maternity Home for six pregnant young women.

1978 - The first State inspection was conducted at the Coatesville House and changes needed to be made reducing clients to 12.

1979 - A fire at the Coatesville House almost destroyed the lives of all who lived there. However, by God’s grace and providence, the local community reached out in amazing ways to care for the house family and restore the Home. This event brought intense community awareness as numerous churches became involved and the Home was featured in the local newspapers.

1981 - With a large percentage of women placing their children with adoptive families, there began a need to open another home for after-care purposes. A third Home was built on the Coatesville property for this purpose.

1983 - President Ronald Reagan mentioned House of His Creation in a speech. He also mentioned HOHC in his book "Abortion and a Conscience of a Nation". These events put HOHC on the national map.

1996 - Because of the growing number of teens choosing to parent their babies, the Lititz House was changed to become a Mother/Child Home.

2000 - Because of our State license and contracts with social services agencies, HOHC was required to choose between serving either minors (ages 12 –17) or adults (18 and older). After much prayer and research, the Board chose to serve minors.

2004 - In the Spring, the expansion and renovation of the Lititz House began. Since purchasing the Lititz House in 1977, the Board had desired to expand the Home to accommodate additional residents and add much-needed program space. This project was completed in early 2006.

2006 - Matthew and Callie Neff became houseparents after the reopening of the Lititz Home living with minors in the mother-child program.

2008 - Matthew became the Executive Director and Callie became the Program Director overseeing both the Lititz and Coatesville properties.

2011 - HOHC Lititz was transitioned into an 18 and over program accepting maternity and mother-child clients.

2016- HOHC sold both existing properties (Lititz and Coatesville, PA) to purchase The Campus in North Lititz, PA a 32 acre property with functioning apartments, spacious office and on-site training/meeting venue, as well as a house for maternity clients. HOHC under Family of Restoration Ministries is now able to host all it's outreach options on-site including Caring 4 Young Families.

House front view 2

The Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers of Family of Restoration Ministries are committed to offering restoration, teaching and equipping to individuals and families through Christ-centered programs like House of His Creation.