Journey Stories

As we continue to redefine the services we offer, our shift to focus on maternity clients who are willing to explore adoption has taken us through a journey with one young woman who came to us needing support and decision making help as well as housing as she walked through her pregnancy and an adoption plan.  This has been a very intimate journey seeing more deeply into all that is involved in making this brave decision. 

It has been an eye opening experience journeying through the ins and outs of walking through the decision making process to consider both single parenting and adoption, then thinking through the details of finding an adoptive couple, meeting a couple, defining roles, getting to know each other and allowing extended family into the conversation as well as the birth father and his family.  This truly is and can be a well planned parenting decision that takes in all aspects of where you are in life and where you are going and how your precious gift will best be cared for.  There is no doubt of this young mother's love and in some ways her willingness to plan, get others involved and explore the realities of relationships she had established has prepared her not only for a change in her future but her future as a mother. 

She is now able to walk alongside the couple parenting her child and have the weight lifted from her shoulder's of not being in a place now to take on that role in its entirety.  She is stepping out of the stream of those who have taken on single parenting battling homelessness, poverty, broken relationships and personal hurts that make the need for others, help with decision making and support even more necessary to see change and stay out of the foster care system.  Infant adoption is truly a beautiful, meaningful and valuable resource for those facing unplanned pregnancies that no longer leaves the birthmother isolated, alone and without support to make a change and be prepared to parent her children to come.

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