Our Programs and Services

Family of Restoration Ministries continues to grow and expand our reach through community programs.  We currently have a maternity house on our new office complex, offer Parenting Journey classes on-site as well as host a Birthmom Breakfast and Daddy Daughter Date Night.

House of His Creation

House of His Creation is a life-affirming ministry existing to support young women and children. Our greatest desire is to cultivate spiritual, intellectual, physical, and emotional growth, equipping them with tools to live well-rounded, healthy, productive lives. We anticipate they will provide the same for their children and families, impacting generations.

Caring 4 Young Families

Caring 4 Young Families (C4) provides monthly support to single and young married families.
The Parenting Journey is a free, 12-week program that will help increase parents self-care practices.

Family Building Events

Family of Restoration Ministries offers relationship building family events such as Daddy Daughter Date night, Birthmother Breakfast and Family Fest! We want to create opportunities to build up all that goes into God's design for Family!