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Every Girl’s Story- Why FoRM?

We have been asked a lot, Why FoRM?  That is a good question that needs an answer.  It starts with our emblem the man, woman and child with the blue heart.  This emblem is the picture I want you to have in your mind while reading this:


Logo 2016 family emblem 1

Serving young women facing unplanned pregnancy for over 40 years has clearly exposed the root issues in every woman’s story that lead back to the foundation of family.  It has taken us some time, but identifying this foundation, and our part in preserving it, has led to Family of Restoration Ministries.

It starts with the story of every girl…we believe she was formed in her mother’s womb according to Psalm 139, known and formed by God who is the creator of heaven and earth; once she was formed she was born into a family.  This family was touched by violence, abuse, separation of parents, an unstable and unforgiving environment.  The girl is following the path of her mother, her grandmother and possibly great-grandmother.  She has not learned the protecting love of a father whose desire is to see her grow, experience his love and a willingness to put her needs before his.  She has not learned forgiveness from her mother, but rather how to manipulate, lie, and get by as necessary using herself as a tool to get what she needs and wants.  She has fractured relationships, no experience with mutual trust and respect.  She has no concept or basis for saving herself for marriage and honoring her body or seeking out a marriage partner who will be joined with her as a husband and father.

The foundation on which she stands when faced with being a parent herself is full of weakness, lack, pain and fear.  She has not experienced God’s design for family, marriage and sexuality.  Her heart has been torn into shreds along with her dignity and identity.

Providing a home in which to experience God’s design is an opportunity to reset her story and the story of her child.  The goal is to rebuild the foundations that have been set before us that offer hope, healing and restoration.  A desire to seek out healthy relationship, learn to honor another through marriage and rebuild the families’ design that ultimately leads to knowing and living God’s love.

Our emblem is the hope that we are working towards one of biblical family, biblical marriage and identity in Christ for He is the blue heart and the protective barrier.  He is the layer of the foundation and the restorer of the breech.

So Why FoRM?  To hold sacred, to preserve and to guard the holy sacrament of marriage and family to rebuild ancient ruins and to raise up the age-old foundations.  (Isaiah 58:12; Isaiah 61:4).

  • Providing a home for those who are alone and support for those experiencing widowhood (Psalm 68:5).
  • Providing education and support to those parenting.
  • Providing opportunities for connection and experiences that bring families together.
  • Providing encouragement, tools and counsel to others providing the same.