Family of Restoration News

Finding Fathers… In 2005, my wife and I made a decision to work together as a family to change the world around us. We wanted to make a difference and help others. We have worked with numerous women and children over the past 13 years…but very few men… We need your help to launch our Fatherhood program.

The summer months tend to be very lean financially speaking. I am asking you to make a pledge to support this work! If you believe in the work of Family of Restoration Ministries/House of His Creation please share us with friends, family and businesses. We are solely donor supported! I am beaming with excitement to inform each of you that on June 22nd 2018, I received my certification as an Instructor for Parenting Journey- Fatherhood. The Parenting Journey ™(PJ) is a widely utilized tool for helping you navigate the “Parenting Journey “based in New York and Boston. The 12 week course helps participants take a comprehensive look at the wounds and successes in his or her life. You work through healing and make a plan to improve your successes for the sake of your children and your future relationships.

We have been blessed to watch so many women confront the past and take steps to have a better future. It has honestly broken my heart that this entire time the men have been almost nonexistent. The lack of Fatherhood being passed down has been heart breaking. I have prayed and claimed Malachi 4:6 6 He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers; or else I will come and strike the land with total destruction.” Finally we have a proven strategy to help rebuild the MEN…these classes have no limitations to who will benefit. My training in New York had boys with baggy pants and business men. The impact was universal. Age was not a factor, financial standing was not a factor, and ethnicity was not a factor! Any man with a desire to improve will have that opportunity. The bond that forms between participants is beneficial because they stay in touch and help each other. Every father’s heart that is impacted will ripple out and impact those around him.

We can create a Fatherhood revival…Imagine what that would do!


Matthew Neff, Executive Director