Journey Stories

As we continue to redefine the services we offer, our C4-Caring 4 Young Families parent support program has been a key component in getting connected with single moms who live in the community but still need support. This past spring we held our second Parenting Journey class consisting of 8 moms who all graduated successfully.

One mom in particular was in an unhealthy relationship with the father of her 3 year old daughter and his family. The class gave her a safe place to process the reality of her situation. She revealed that he would ask her to leave on occasions when they weren’t seeing eye to eye which would lead to sleeping at a friend’s house until he’d plead for her to come back. However, more recently told her she had to leave with their daughter although it was raining, she had no car and no place to go. With no real family to assist her again she called a friend who allowed her to stay with the condition that it would only be temporary and that she needed to actively be searching for an alternative. Needless to say, we connected her to Good Samaritan Shelter.

The fact that she went to Good Samaritan was huge because she also shared that she and her mother and siblings lived there many years ago when she was a child and vowed that she would never put herself in a situation where she had to live in a shelter and depend on others. However, it was in the Parenting Journey class that she made the connection that it was the very reason she stayed in this unhealthy relationship.

Since moving into Good Samaritan and graduating from The Parenting Journey she is now working a full time job, was approved for a loan to purchase a car, and working on getting her own apartment. She and her daughter’s father are co-parenting and doing the best under the circumstances.

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