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House of His Creation Mission Statement

To bring restoration, hope, and service to single, young birthmothers and their children through Christ-centered homes.

House of His Creation Vision Statement

House of His Creation is a life-affirming ministry existing to support young women and children. Our greatest desire is to cultivate spiritual, intellectual, physical, and emotional growth, equipping them with tools to live well-rounded, healthy, productive lives. We anticipate they will provide the same for their children and families, impacting generations.

Basic Core Values:

House of His Creation is based on the foundation of the infallible Word of God, empowered by the Holy Spirit, with Christ as the head.

We believe every human being is precious and sacred to God and deserves to be loved and given grace, honor, and respect.

We believe God has called us to partner with the church and community to provide a haven to protect and preserve future generations.

We believe prayer and faith are foundational as we walk with integrity before the Lord, the community, and government authority.

We believe in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with all who touch the ministry and helping people grow in Him.

We believe in pursuing excellence and unity in all endeavors.

Financial Core Values:

This is a faith ministry created by divine call and dependent on God to do above and beyond that which we can see with the natural eye to accomplish the eternal mission set before HOHC.

As a ministry, we desire to walk in integrity and godly stewardship of the finances we receive, fulfilling our financial obligations to those who provide services or products to us in a timely manner.

We have a responsibility to work circumspectly and with integrity as we put forward a realistic budget and strategic plan.

We will avoid unnecessary purchases or expenses as an everyday practice. As much as possible, we will operate within or below set limits.

We will ensure donors’ privacy and will not use manipulative or deceptive practices to raise funds. Designated giving will be used for its intended purpose.

We believe that our employees minister as they work for HOHC. We will affirm them in the gifts and call of God on their lives. We believe that as they serve through their various roles in the ministry, they manifest House of His Creation. The staff is worthy of honor, security, and solid benefits.

We will maintain an attitude of thankfulness to God as our posture. All that we do is because He makes it possible.

We will honor God by giving back in ministry resources and funds to other ministries. We believe that the principles of sowing and reaping will ensure the longevity of this ministry and are a vital part of building a strong financial base.